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Briefly describe your route to the priesthood (when you first began to think you might have a vocation, who - or what - were pivotal influences on you as you discerned your vocation?)
I was aware of the call to the priesthood when I was in second grade. My teacher, Sr. Ann Margaret, asked us in class what we wanted to be when we grew up. I had jotted down "priest" as quickly as all the rest jotted down their responses. The fire to pursue it seriously was enkindled during the summer between my sophomore and junior years in high school at a youth conference in Steubenville, Ohio. Through a series of providential signs, God pointed me steadily to the seminary for my education and formation. One of the largest influences I had in my discernment to the priesthood was Fr. Joseph Horn (now pastor of Holy Family Parish in Memphis). However, what really reined me in occurred at an intense Ignatian silent retreat. It was then that I was given the certainty I needed to believe God had truly called me forth to the priesthood.

Having decided you had a vocation, did you ever have second thoughts about it? How did you resolve any doubts or fears?
Oh sure I had my doubts. When I really had my doubts, I turned to God in prayer, and I spoke with my pastor, my spiritual directors, and a few of my friends.

What are the greatest challenges you see facing the Church? Where do you see the greatest hope? 
Some of the greatest challenges involve a lack of true love for God and the Church, a lack of proper catechesis among the faithful, and the lack of a solid Christian male identity. The greatest hope lies undoubtedly in the Eucharist who strengthens each of us to carry out the Father's will with supernatural vigor and zeal and who can transform us into saints if we allow Him.

What are your hopes for your priestly ministry? 
I hope to be the priest God calls me to be. I desire much to be ever faithful and ever zealous for the Catholic faith. I hope to follow Christ with all my heart, all my strength... essentially my very being to promote the Kingdom of God.

What about your priestly ministry do you anticipate will be the most rewarding?
Celebrating Holy Mass and leading souls to God.